Microsoft begins Windows 7 push

The first public trial, or beta, version of Windows 7 has been released.Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer used his keynote speech at CES to announce that software developers would get at the trial version on 7 January.On 9 January members of the public will get the chance to download the successor to Windows for themselves. unveils Windows 7 at CES
Steve Ballmer took the stage to deliver his first keynote speech to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last night, unveiling more details of Windows 7 – as had been widely expected.Ballmer, who was speaking at the event for the first time, also announced that a preview version of Windows 7 would be available for download by the end of this week. sets loose Windows 7 public beta [IDG]
The rumors turned out to be true. Microsoft will release a public beta this week of its next desktop operating system, Windows 7, hoping it will address the problems that have made Windows Vista perhaps the least popular OS in its history.Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will launch the beta during his speech at the start of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Wednesday. It’s Ballmer’s first year giving the opening address, traditionally handled by former CEO Bill Gates. His blustery style is likely to contrast sharply with Gates’ meek and thoughtful demeanor in years past. hopes its mouseless software will click with public
Microsoft previewed its new Windows operating system for personal computers, Windows 7, with a typically bullish performance by its chief executive Steve Ballmer at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.He announced the public release of the latest test version of the software, which is expected to be released fully within a year.

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