Microsoft and Google Impersonation Attacks Are on the Rise – How to Stay Safe

Do you feel that your inbox is burdened with an increasing number of phisy-looking emails, now more than ever before? Well, that’s because it actually is.

According to Check Point Research Q3 Phishing Report, email-based phishing attacks saw the highest increase in number, compared to any other platform in Q2. The most common of these emails are impersonation emails asking users to reset or submit their Microsoft account credentials, in order to gain control over their accounts.

In Q3 of 2020, email was the most used platform for impersonation attacks, accounting for a staggering 44% of the attacks total, with Microsoft being the most imitated brand for impersonation phishing attempts (19% of total), followed by Google (9% of total).

So what does it mean for email security, especially in the new normal?

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