MERGE! Is Coming Soon

MERGE_logoMERGE!, billed as a revolutionary new conference series with a strong emphasis on many aspects of the domain name industry, is coming to Orlando, Florida, from 14 to 18 October.

MERGE! consists of a curated collection of events focusing on different elements of internet business and the amazing utility of domain names.

Each event in the show will focus on a particular internet industry, such as domains, hosting and cloud, development, design, blockchain and cryptocurrency, or their common interests in marketing, rapid-growth markets and internet law. The collocated events will each individually be no larger than a few hundred participants, enabling high quality one-on-one engagement and personal connections. Attendees can also build relationships with partners, investors and customers in related industries and leverage the shared exhibit space, scaling their MERGE! experience for their unique business needs.

In addition to heavyweight keynote speakers and engaging panel discussions, unique conference experiences like “Elevator Pitches Worldwide” and “Domain or Not a Domain” bring domainers and industry stakeholders together in a fun and genuinely interactive social environment. MERGE! is designed to spark truly valuable personal connections with people in a position to help your business, and benefit from it.

MERGE! founder (and NamesCon co-founder) Jothan Frakes architected the new modal of show format to provide unprecedented opportunity for attendees to engage not only with other players directly involved in the domain space, but also with those in related technology fields who can serve as partners, customers, and investors.

Attendees of the various events making up MERGE! will therefore come from companies from throughout the domain name ecosystem, ICANN board members, domain name litigation veterans, and international marketing experts, as well as technology industries that build on domain names. Web hosts, cryptocurrencies and SEO and digital marketing companies will be present at MERGE!, along with angel and VC investors, startups, and developers; anyone who’s business is helping businesses succeed online.

Between 450 and 600 attendees are expected for MERGE! show 2017, but each event will range from a few dozen to a few hundred participants. Keeping each event to its optimal size, while providing opportunities for cross-pollination and multi-discipline discussion eliminates “tourists” and maximizes quality relationship building.

“These popular events attract top decision makers from the domains industry, cloud services, digital marketing, web hosting, content management, digital currencies, and other related fields,” said MERGE! Co-Founder Jothan Frakes. “Each of these digital technology fields is driving growth in the others, and bringing them together in this carefully curated way creates an unprecedented opportunity for all stakeholders. This collaboration between domainers and leaders from the many businesses that use domains provides an annual forum for the cross-pollination of ideas and innovation.”

MERGE! Show 2017 events include THE Domain Conference, the WHIR (Web Host Industry Review) Orlando networking event, CMS Summit,  Digital Search Summit, Allegravita’s China Bootcamp, Blockchain Roadshow, TOKEN FEST, McGrady Domain Academy, Confluir, and more. The many event speakers make up of a diverse cross-section of technology and marketing veterans, innovators, and thought-leaders sharing critical insights and deep industry knowledge of how to differentiate and grow online business.

MERGE! will also bring together the complete ecosystem of stakeholders for “speed date” networking sessions, cross-discipline expert “MERGEd” panels, and numerous other gatherings, large and small, targeted to the cross-section of needs served by, for, and from domains.

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