MEPs push for European monitoring of internet search

Hundreds of MEPs have called for search companies to be obliged to retain customer data for scrutiny by law enforcement bodies.The declaration calls for search engines to be included in the the Data Retention Directive, which directs communications providers to keep logs of their users’ search habits in a form that can be turned over to police. By Friday, 324 MEPs had signed the declaration, which will be adopted by the European Parliament should the total number of signatories reach 369. see:MEP condemns plan to give authorities access to stored search logs
An MEP has warned colleagues not to sign a declaration demanding that search engines keep a record of searches for examination by authorities. Cecilia Wikström said she had signed the declaration but has now withdrawn her support.Two MEPs have proposed a ‘written declaration’ to set up a system they say will act as an ‘early warning’ system to identify paedophiles and other sex offenders. A written declaration has no legislative effect, but if adopted by the EU Parliament it will be formally communicated to the European Commission in a bid to influence its policy.

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