Meet USCybercom: Why the US is fielding a cyber army

The US is in the process of creating a unified cyber command, to fight the conventional wars of the future, which the Pentagon has no doubt, will include a cyber element.Looking out of a window in London’s Canary Wharf, Daniel Kuehl gestures randomly towards a high-rise.”Let’s just assume that somewhere in that building there are a bunch of cyber systems, networks, routers, that are militarily important to take out,” he said.”Which would you think would be the better way of doing it in terms of this neighbourhood? To make it stop working through a bunch of key strokes or to put a laser-guided, 1,000-lb weapon through the third floor and blow it to shreds?”We’re really good at that second operation – but there might be some advantages to doing it the first way.”The Pentagon is creating its first fully fledged cyber command – USCybercom – to improve its ability to wage war with key strokes.

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