Meet our Dot Londoners


The Dot London team showcases some of their Dot Londoners to find out more about their businesses and see what having a Dot London web address means to them.


Anthology is a London-based residential property development company that believes heavily in working with local communities where they are developing their properties. This includes sponsoring local events, partnering with relevant councils and using a Dot London domain name to highlight their connection with the city. Anthology is dedicated to creating homes and enhancing neighbourhoods that inspire real life stories of people who, like them, are passionate about London.


Rise Bakery

Rise Bakery is a social enterprise that is part of charity Brick Lane-based Providence Row, which works to help the homeless in their area by teaching them new skills, such as baking. Rise Bakery was created to sell top-quality chocolate brownies made in their kitchen to local businesses as gifts, with all of the profits going back into Providence Row. Their main customer focus is London-based businesses, so equipped with a Dot London domain name, the bakery has taken on a slick, appealing and professional identity that is best suited to both their customers and the quality of their produce.


Vaulty Towers

Vaulty Towers is a “community living room” based in Waterloo. Created by the team at The Vaults, an arts platform underneath Waterloo station, it’s a hangout to enjoy some great drinks and tasty food while admiring the wonderful props and sets from past Vault’s productions that adhorn the walls of the pub. There’s also a lot of entertainment to try out, from cabaret nights, to real life drawing and quiz nights. For them, having a Dot London tells people where they’re based and the high quality that they can except with somewhere with a strong association with the capital.