.ME – the new domain that's all about you!

NIC.ME logoGo Daddy, Afilias Global Registry Services and Me-Net are the successful tenderers chosen by the Montenegrin government to operate the .ME ccTLD. The successful tenderers have formed a new organisation called doMEn (the word for “domain” in Montenegrin) which will act as the operational body with strategic oversight for the ccTLD.
Each partner in the relationship will bring their expertise – Go Daddy will provide the marketing know-how and Afilias will be the registry.
“We’re excited about the phenomenal potential of .ME and our ability to market it to you, all Web users, as well as other registrars – and of course we’ll promote it in true GoDaddy-esque style,” said Go Daddy CEO and Founder Bob Parsons. “Couple .ME with our first-in-class customer support and the registry systems of Afilias and the possibilities are unlimited.”
The new registry alliance plans to invite all registrars, country code  and TLD resellers to add .ME to their own list of offerings. However, the new .ME can be used by anyone – an affiliation with the country of Montenegro is not required.
The .ME ccTLD offers all sorts of exciting possibilities for domain names, with the mind wandering all sorts can be thought of. However anyone going to the website for domen.com will find a parking page for links to mainly gay adult websites!