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.ME Lives up to the Hype

London, United Kingdom — The internet’s latest and most personal domain extension has seen huge popularity after public launch. At 4pm (GMT) July 17 the public were given the opportunity to register the new .ME domain name extension. Over 5,500 .ME domain names were registered within the first two days of public launch by UK accredited registrars, making it the second most popular registration country, second only to the US.

“While English speaking countries led the way in registration volume, many non-English speaking countries such as Germany, China, and France made a strong showing,” said Predrag Lesic, the Me registry’s executive director. “We believe this bodes well for the international success of .ME as the only domain name that is all about You.”

Within the first minute of the launch over 5,000 names were registered worldwide as both individuals and businesses alike rushed to secure their preferred .ME extension. At the end of the first two days of the launch more than 50,000 new domains were registered worldwide.

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