McCain-Palin Domain Names up for Grabs

Want to buy How about Or even Well today might be your lucky day. These domain names and more are up for grabs in various places including eBay in prices ranging from $0.50 to $100,000, but there are no takers.A number of people were very prescient in registering domain names regarding the McCain-Palin team, some such as Paul Pilger long ago as February reports the New York Times.Pilger registered the domain names after some amateur sleuthing when he decided that Sarah Palin would be a good running mate for Senator John McCain. So he registered, and as well as the .org, .net and .info versions.However that these domain names are of little interest to the campaign team is not a shock to political consultants reports the Times. They “say the value of these variant domain names is limited because a presidential campaign is more likely to stick to one obvious dot-com name and not alter it at the late stage of running-mate selection.””The reason nobody contacted these people is because the McCain campaign is going to use and brand,” said Kari Chisholm, president of Mandate Media who runs the online efforts for several Democratic candidates. “The only value in these other names is the traffic you get of people guessing the site, which is nominal. Most people find the website through Google searches anyway.”The lack of interest in variants of domain names to suit the presidential campaign teams is not limited to the Republicans however. Last December f Luke Freudenberg of Wolfeboro, N.H., and two friends spent $975 buying to 100 domain names including 16 variations of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, the eventual Democratic ticket the Times also reports. And when it was announced Joe Biden would be Senator Obama’s vice presidential running mate, Freudenberg and his friends thought they were on to a winner. They “waited and, when the Obama camp didn’t call, they put the names up on eBay with a starting bid of $100,000.””They got 10,000 views for the offering but not a single bid. More recently, they lowered the price to $1,000.To read the New York Times article in full, see

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