McCain, Kerry introduce tough U.S. privacy bill

Senators John Kerry and John McCain introduced a tough new privacy bill on Tuesday that would require companies to notify consumers in clear language whenever their data is being collected, and obligate companies to keep that information safe from hackers.There are increasing concerns in the United States and elsewhere about the security of consumers’ personal data that is often collected by companies. Security experts said last week that millions of people faced heightened risk of email swindles after a massive security breach suffered by Epsilon, an online marketing firm that handles email marketing lists for hundreds of clients. see:Sens. Kerry and McCain introduced online privacy bill [IDG]
Two high-profile U.S. senators have introduced legislation designed to give consumers more control over what information about them is collected online, but privacy advocates said the bill will do little to curb wide-spread data-collection practices now in place.Senators John Kerry, a Massachusetts Democrat, and John McCain, an Arizona Republican, introduced the Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights Act Tuesday. The bill would require Web-based businesses that collect consumer information to give clear notice about the data collection and allow consumers to opt out., McCain offer bill to protect Web users’ privacy rights
Senate lawmakers introduced an Internet privacy bill on Tuesday that would create first-time rules for Facebook, Google and other Web firms that thrive by collecting information about users.Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said their measure aims to protect Internet users by forcing companies to explain how they collect information and what they do with it. The bill would also make it harder for Web sites to target individuals through personally identifiable information and create profiles about them.‘Privacy Bill Of Rights’ Introduced By Senators John Kerry, John McCain
Senators John Kerry and John McCain have introduced proposed legislation for a “Privacy Bill of Rights” to prevent data collectors from misusing Americans’ private information.The bill lays out a code of conduct for handling a user’s identifying information in an effort to keep unscrupulous actors from stirring up privacy concerns. It would be the first comprehensive privacy legislation to be enacted.

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