McCain and Palin Gun for MILFs with

There are reports such as one in The Huffington Post that with Sarah Palin’s hotness, among some, has led to the McCain campaign registering the domain name Currently this forwards to the Google home page.The domain name was purchased via the McCain campaign’s Go Daddy account reports The Huffington Post with, at the time the article went to print, the McCain campaign not denying they have registered the domain name.And at the time of publication, the article said the domain name “immediately redirects you to a personal video message from Gov. Palin on McCain’s official website. A video posted to YouTube shows the redirect in case the campaign changes it, as seems likely.”Apparently the domain name was registered within 36 hours of Sarah Palin being chosen as John McCain’s running mate.There are a couple of YouTube videos showing evidence below:
Or following the following links:

The original story in The Huffington Post can be found at

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