Mayweather Knock Out Against Cyber Squatter

Former welterweight champion boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr., a.k.a. “Money Mayweather”, has won a domain name dispute for Mayweather was 39-0 in the ring during his career, and carried his winning ways to arbitration.

The panel found that Mayweather had common law rights to the “Money Mayweather” name, even though he doesn’t have a filed trademark. This is common in cases of celebrities. It also found that it was irrelevant that the paid links on were unrelated to the celebrity and his sport.

A quick look at the domain shows that the owner wasn’t profiting from domain parking; it was merely a domain he registered at GoDaddy and was being parked by the registrar. The page shows ads for money-related terms such as mutual funds and money market accounts.

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