Mass Surveillance No Surprise To Many In Technology And Politics

Revelations about boundless spying by the National Security Agency and other US agencies on the electronic communications of US and non-US citizens are rippling international politics and will be a surprise topic at the upcoming Group of 8 summit in Dublin. But the more savvy technical community has been slow to react. There is some speculation about the technical solutions used and even less call for action. For many, quite obviously, the state surveillance does come as a surprise because of its scope.”The extent has been rumoured, but a lot of people refused to accept that it was so large,” Scott Bradner, professor at Harvard University, wrote in answer to Intellectual Property Watch. Asked why no core infrastructure providers like network access, backbone or DNS providers were mentioned as targets of PRISM or other surveillance programs, Bradner wrote that it seems only “logical that something is going on there considering what we already know.” Diverting traffic or copying it at more central nodes is possible, a German network operator told Intellectual Property Watch.

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