Many more of us will work from home – or a cafe – says BT futurologist

When the American broadcaster Walter Cronkite made a programme about the office of the future in 1967, he forecast the end of commuting thanks to a desk at home laden with screens for making video calls, checking the news and tracking stock prices. There was even a closed circuit television system for monitoring activity in the other rooms – on Cronkite’s screen, women in pinafores were making the bed.Over the past 40 years, the idea of home-working has been more of an ambition than a reality for most people. More than half of us still work in a traditional office at a fixed desk. But Dr Nicola Millard, a futurologist working for BT whose full-time job is to gaze ahead at how our lives are likely to change, believes the reinvention of work is finally under way.

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