Mandelson’s UK web cutoff plan ‘potentially illegal’

Lord Mandelson’s plans to cut off the broadband connections of internet users who illegally download copyrighted music and films were attacked by privacy campaigners, internet service providers and Labour MPs yesterday as unworkable, unnecessary and potentially illegal.The surprise decision to reintroduce the disconnection idea, which was ruled out in the government’s own Digital Britain report in June, also sparked accusations that the business secretary has been swayed by secret meetings with senior figures from the music and film industry. see:UK plan to disconnect file-sharers might be made redundant by ECJ, says expert
The Government’s plan to cut off suspected file sharers from the internet might be rendered irrelevant by a ruling from Europe’s top court, an intellectual property expert has said.The Government has just published proposals to disconnect suspected file sharers from the internet without court oversight. But a case involving eBay may allow record labels to force internet service providers (ISPs) to police traffic more heavily without Government involvement, the expert said. could lose broadband access as Mandelson takes on web pirates
Lord Mandelson has been accused of caving into a “big lobbying operation” after ordering a change in policy on internet piracy.The Government is proposing cutting the broadband connection from users who swap copyrighted content. This has outraged internet providers who said that it would breach fundamental rights and would not work. cut-off threat for Britain’s illegal downloaders
People who persist in swapping copyrighted films and music will have their internet connections cut off under tough new laws to be proposed by the government today. Weighs Cutting Web Access for Online Pirates [AP]
People who repeatedly download copyrighted films and music could have their Internet connection cut off under proposed laws unveiled by the British government on Tuesday.Treasury Minister Stephen Timms said previous plans, which would have only restricted users’ broadband speed, didn’t go far enough. at UK file-sharing policy
Internet service providers (ISPs) have reacted with anger to new proposals on how to tackle internet piracy.The government is proposing a tougher stance which would include cutting off repeat offenders from the net.UK ISP Talk Talk said the recommendations were likely to “breach fundamental rights” and would not work.

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