Make Your Password Exponentially More Secure

If you’ve used the internet, you’ve probably created a password. There’s a lot of advice out there about creating passwords: use uppercase! use lowercase! Use numbers! Symbols! Don’t use a dictionary word! Use many dictionary words in a passphrase! Don’t write it down! Store it in a password manager! There is so much advice, and so much of it is conflicting, and often it comes without any explanation. In this blog post, I’ll detail what a good password is (and why), give you some tools to help remember your password, and give a few other simple ways to help protect your account.What is a “good” password? A good password is one that is unique and hard to guess. A password should be unique because if someone hacks one website, you don’t want them to have access to all your other accounts. It must be hard to guess because computers work much faster than humans – for example a modern computer can guess every word in the English language in under a minute.

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