Make the Internet Great Again? The next U.S. administration will have to confront the future of the internet.

With the national conventions of the Republican and Democratic parties concluded, the sprint towards the general election is underway. Even modified by the COVID-19 pandemic, the conventions fulfilled their traditional roles of setting political agendas, highlighting policy differences, and launching themes the campaigns will pursue until November 3. The conventions also provided the broadest perspectives of the parties on the issues they believe will define the future of the United States before electioneering tweets things down to a snatch of soundbites.

The internet’s future will not be among those soundbites, but this issue will confront the next administration. For the United States, the internet ain’t what it used to be. Changes across multiple policy fronts over the past decade or more have converged to undermine U.S. power, interests, and ideas in cyberspace. How do the policy documents released during the Democratic and Republic conventions respond to this challenge?

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