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Mail Online Moves From .UK To .COM In £1m-Plus Deal To Boost International Profile

The British tabloid newspaper, or “red top”, has bought the dailymail.com domain in a deal rumoured to be in excess of £1 million as the paper looks to broaden its appeal abroad, in much the same way The Guardian did recently, and reinforcing the importance of a .com domain for global brands.Currently the paper operates online using dailymail.co.uk but is “adopting a .com homepage domain name in recognition of the growing importance of international markets,” reported The Guardian. “Almost 70% of its monthly web traffic comes from outside the UK, with most of that from the potentially lucrative US market.””The US market is hugely important for the Daily Mail as well as other international digital publishers and a .co.uk domain name just doesn’t cut it in ad sales over there,” a source told The Guardian.”Mail Online has been aggressively targeting growth in the US, doubling staff numbers to 80, as well as launching into Australia in partnership Mi9, the digital media company owned by Nine Entertainment.”For more on this story see www.theguardian.com/media/2014/jan/27/mail-online-com-domain-name.