Looking to laptops to lead Doomadgee children in Australia out of poverty

A smile stretches wide across six-year-old Jeremiah Johnson’s face as he grasps the neon-green and white laptop and races around his classroom, taking snapshots of his mates.”They’re great. (You can) take pictures, do paintings and do games,” he says, beaming.Outside Jeremiah’s classroom, the mid-morning sun pounds down on the dust of Doomadgee, an Aboriginal community, home to just over 1000 people, inland from the Gulf of Carpentaria in far northwest Queensland.It is about as remote as you can get – 2246km northwest of Brisbane, 1147km northwest of Townsville and 514km north of Mount Isa.This week, the Australian arm of global not-for-profit organisation One Laptop Per Child, with longstanding support from The Australian, sent 120 laptops to Doomadgee, to be given to 120 children in grades 2, 4 and 5.

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