How to use a local domain extension to increase sales leads through community

Live Melbourne gTLDWith more Australians going online than ever before, a web presence has become an essential component of any successful business. And Aussies are spending more money online too – almost $20 billion in the last year alone.

A local domain extension can offer an important edge for any business seeking to take advantage of the countless opportunities offered by the internet.

By connecting your business directly to the community it serves, these extensions can cut through search engine clutter, improving your brand exposure, boosting sales and helping to establish an important community presence.

The benefit to businesses that emerge at the top of search engine results cannot be overstated, and there are countless success stories from business owners who have experienced those benefits firsthand.

Proof is in the pudding

Kelly Jordan has been using a local domain extension for her photography business for 12 months now, and has noticed immediate results.

A professional photographer who has been working in Melbourne for more than eight years, Ms Jordan had already built a successful birth photography business from the ground up. But as with all talented entrepreneurs, she is always on the lookout for innovative ideas that can help her brand.

After she began using local domain extension, her business was quickly rocketed to the top of online search results.

“We are now the first organic result in Google when using almost any combination of birth photography terms” Ms Jordan says. “That was well beyond our realistic expectations and has been a huge boost for our Birth by Kelly Jordan Photography sub-brand.

“Inbound queries for Melbourne’s premier birth photography service as well as our family and newborn portraiture businesses have been significantly increased as a direct result”. 

Domain extensions work by anticipating the search elements potential clients will look for.

By merging the location and the kind of business being sought after, local domain extensions can provide a keyword boost in online search.

“With, we get hits from people searching for birth photography if they are searching from Melbourne, or if they are specifically searching for birth photography in Melbourne,” Ms Jordan said.

By offering efficient online exposure, Ms Jordan regularly links up with new clients more swiftly than before and has seen her business flourish.

Expand your network

As Ms Jordan’s own experience shows, domain extensions can offer a convenient alternative to expensive ad campaigns as a way of increasing brand exposure.

Ms Jordan’s original website without the .melbourne domain extension remains active, and the two sites cross-populate to generate even more business.

With a local domain extension to snare new business and an independent website highlighting all of her services, Ms Jordan is able to drive traffic between both sites.

It has been a roaring success for Ms Jordan, and she advises any other small business owner thinking about it to try a local domain for themselves.

Explore using a local domain extension to connect with the clients who matter the most – the ones in your local community.

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