Limited IDNs to be Introduced in .NZ – Sunrise Launch

Domain Name Commissioner logoA Sunrise Period for the registration of .NZ domain names which include vowels with macrons (ā, ē, ī, ō and ū) has opened the .NZ Domain Name Commissioner has announced.

The Sunrise Period runs until 6 July and allows any current .NZ domain name registrant to apply for any or all versions of their domain name with macrons.

The domain names with macrons do not need to be linguistically correct – any existing domain name which includes vowels is eligible for registration including macrons. There is no restriction on the number of variants that can be registered, or on the total number of domain names that a registrant can hold.

To apply for a domain name with macrons which matches an existing .NZ name, check the information about these names at

Information for registrars

For .NZ authorised registrars, they need to be aware the sunrise registration period has launched. All registrars must be able to process registrations for IDNs if requested to after the launch date of 26 July.

During the Sunrise Period the DNC office will collect and collate applications from existing .NZ domain name registrants for domain names which match existing registrations but include macrons. At the conclusion of the Sunrise Period, each registrar will be provided with a list of registrants who will be eligible for IDNs on the launch date.

Registrars will be able to contact those registrants, if desired, prior to the actual registration of the new domain names. Initial registrations will be for a one-month term.

Registrars who automate their renewal systems should be aware of this initial one-month term. Registrars will need to correspond with their customers to ensure that the names are renewed appropriately. Billing for the new domain names is the responsibility of the registrar involved.

At the wholesale level, the names attract the same fee as all other .NZ domain names.

Asia Registry logoTo register your .NZ domain name, check out Asia Registry here.