Lightning internet on way for Australia

[But TechNewsReview wants to remind readers Japanese internet users, for example, already have internet download speeds of 100 gigabits per second.]Most Australian homes will have broadband communication speeds up to 100 times faster than what is currently available, under the Rudd Government’s plan to wire Australia for the 21st century.Federal Broadband Minister Stephen Conroy told The Sunday Age that early discussions on the Government’s promised broadband network indicated that it would be much faster than previously thought.”This is going to revolutionise the way Australians live their lives,” Senator Conroy said.Before last year’s election, Mr Rudd promised to contribute $4.7 billion to help build a national broadband network accessible to 98% of homes, with a guaranteed minimum speed of 12 megabits per second.But by deploying VDSL (also known as Very High Speed DSL) technology, Senator Conroy said the new network would be able to carry up to 25 megabits per second.

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