Licence fragmentation is hindering pan-EU shopping market, say stakeholders

Fragmented and complex publishing arrangements are hindering the growth of a European online music market and must be replaced with more open and transparent agreements, music industry groups and the European Commission have agreed.Record labels EMI and Universal, retailers Amazon and Apple and licensing bodies PRS for Music and SACEM have told the Commission that they will attempt to create new licensing regimes to make an increase in cross border music sales possible.This Out-Law News report was sourced from: see:Europe vows to liberate online shopping [AFP]
It’s the bane of online shoppers’ lives — searches dangling coveted brand-name gadgets, gear or gifts cheaper on websites from another country, but not being able to buy them.Help may, however, be at hand, if European Commission proposals to boost “borderless” online shopping across its 27 member states are not watered down by governments jealously guarding individual tax takes. 60% of cross border internet shopping orders are refused, says new EU study [news release]
There are widespread problems with refusals of orders for EU consumers trying to purchase goods online in another Member state, according to a new European Commission report on cross border consumer e-commerce published today. An extensive independent mystery shopping exercise was carried out for the Commission where shoppers across the EU tried to purchase a list of 100 popular products -for example cameras, CDs, books, clothes – from a cross border provider.This news release from the European Commission was sourced from:

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