Lewis estate takes on 11-year-old in new battle of Narnia.com

A family in Scotland had what they thought was a nice idea – to give their child the domain name of Narnia.mobi as an upcoming surprise. While it was thought to be the perfect birthday present for the 11 year old CS Lewis fan, the family did not reckon on the legal action that may follow.The father, Richard Saville-Smith, is facing legal action from CS Lewis Ltd, the controller of the rights to the author’s work, which claims he bought it in bad faith with the aim of making money from the Narnia name – or cybersquatting. The case has been referred to WIPO to adjudicate. The father though was oblivious to any problems he may encounter when he registered the domain name in September 2006. The lawyers for CS Lewis Ltd, Baker & McKenzie, have said they will consult with their client before commenting.Media reports are available from:

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