Leonard Kleinrock On The First Message 50 Years Ago

Three months after the first human set foot on the moon 50 years ago the first simple message between two computers was sent. And it set the foundations to everything that deals with electronic communications, including the domain name system. In a post on the ICANN blog, Leonard Kleinrock, Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, UCLA, tells the behind the scenes story of what happened leading up to that special day in the development of one of the greatest communication tools humankind has ever developed.

To read Kleinrock’s post in full on the ICANN blog, see: https://www.icann.org/news/blog/the-first-message-transmission

There’s also a “fireside chat” hosted by ICANN’s Brad White with 2 former ICANN chairs, Vint Cerf and Steve Crocker, and Kleinrock, here.


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