Legal Dispute Over Use Of CO.NO As Means For Foreigners To Register Norwegian Domains

NORID logoNorid, the .NO registry, is investigation a legal dispute over, which is being used as a means of entering the Norwegian domain name market for foreigners, something they are currently unable to do under Norid’s terms and conditions.

The lawsuit about concerns whether it in real terms has been illegally transferred, and whether the current use of the domain is in breach of the domain name policy for .NO. One of the important questions is whether the domain is used in a way that may cause confusion with official domains that use “co” at the second level such as and was added to the list of reserved and forbidden domain names in July 2009 and may therefore not be transferred to another holder the registry advised.

Norid’s rules state that registrants must either be a registered businesses or a professional or an individual registered in the Folkeregisteret, although individuals can register domains under

The domain is registered by the Norwegian company Elineweb AS, but is administered by the Dutch company CoDNS BV, that offer subdomains under

Norid claim they made inquiries about the domain after they received notification that was intensively marketed as a way into the Norwegian domain market for foreign parties. The marketing also hinted that this had been cleared with Norid.

Norid have asked Elineweb AS about the establishment of the service who replied by bringing a lawsuit against Norid. A court-sponsored mediation was unsuccessful and the legal proceedings took place in Sør-Trøndelag district court on 24 and 25 May. The court’s decision will be ready by the end of June.

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