Latest VeriSign Domain Name Industry Brief Underscores Growth of Internet Internationally

The number of domain names registered globally now totals more than 138 million, according to the second quarter 2007 Domain Name Industry Brief published by VeriSign. The largest TLDs in terms of total base of registrations are .com, .de, .net, .uk, .cn and .org.A factor in the expansion of domain name registrations in the second quarter was strong growth in ccTLD registrations, such as .cn, .ru and .kr. ccTLDs grew to about 51.5 million by the end of the second quarter, approximately 13 percent more than the first quarter of 2007, and 36 percent more than the same quarter of last year. Other gTLDs saw growth as well, including .com and .net, which grew to 73 million domain name registrations.”VeriSign also say that “as domain name registrations increased, so have the demands on the registry infrastructures.”The report contains some interesting statistics on renewal rates for .com and .net (for domains previously renewed – 86%, 63% for domains going through their first renewal cycle, while live sites renew over parked sites at a ratio of two to one, top ccTLD statistics, whether a .com or .net domain name has a parked website, live website or no website (23%, 65% and 12% respectively) and registrar outlook for the next 12 months (83% say registrations increase, 4% decline and 13% remain the same).To see VeriSign’s news release, see
while the report is available from

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