Latest 'Net gold may rest in Asia's domain

DotAsia logo“A land rush is happening in Hong Kong, but it doesn’t involve the high-rise properties for which the city is famous. Instead, it’s the epicenter of a brand new patch of cyber real estate soon to go on the global market,” says CNN in a story on the launch of the .ASIA TLD.
The story continues:
The unveiling of the ‘.eu’ domain name in 2006: A precedent for other regions around the world.
Starting in December, online auctions will begin for companies vying to register on the new .Asia top-level domain registry. Like .com, .info and .biz before it, this new Asia-wide category of Web address opens opportunities for cyber squatters to pan for Internet gold — or dig up fresh disputes over claims on this potentially valuable new piece of cyberspace.
“Every time a new domain comes into being a lot of tension is created,” said Edmon Chung, CEO of the Hong Kong-based DotAsia Organization, which is overseeing the rollout of the new domain. “Speculators are eager to jump on it.”
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