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Last Hours for "Call-To-Action" .Me Auction

Dot ME logo42 Unique Domain Names Available via Moniker & SnapNames Showcase Auction Series

Ending today (May 11) at 15:15 Eastern US time, an auction for some of the best call-to-action .ME domains closes on Moniker and SnapNames. If you ever wanted to LookAt.Me, Feel.Me or Design.Me, you can bid on .ME here.
“Moniker was the first to auction catch phrase and call-to-action dot-ME domains in September 2008. The exposure we got at that time was wonderful and certainly made partnering with Moniker and SnapNames easy when it came to this auction,” stated Predrag Lesic, CEO of the .ME Registry. “The acquisition of memorable dot-ME names by some of the biggest players on the Internet like WordPress, Facebook, Yahoo and Universal Pictures, has raised the awareness of dot-ME domains among the general public and greatly contributed to the overall interest in our names,” adds Lesic.
To view the complete catalog and bid, go to: Among the 42 domains available, there are 12 three-letter domains up for grabs including: Let.Me, See.Me, Set.Me, Log.Me, Job.Me and Hot.Me; and other great call-to-action domains such as Adopt.Me, Bug.Me, Inform.Me, and Improve.Me.
“Today, when the expansion of online business depends upon standing out from the crowd, a catchy marketing message wrapped in a domain name could be a winner,” noted Monte Cahn, founder of “In a world with over one-point-eight billion Internet users, personalizing a website with two simple, yet powerful, words can be one of the most valuable marketing tools you can use to attract new customers.”
For examples of some of the many clever uses of .ME, visit ExploreTheWorldOf.Me.
To learn more about the .ME Registry, developing a .ME business idea through non-auction allocation of a .ME domain, or to find out how to register a .ME domain, go to www.Domain.Me.