to launch free, on-demand music streaming

The record labels have agreed to a deal which will let any track from their catalogues be streamed for free, on demand, up to three timesA world where music lovers can listen to free music over the internet – legally – came a significant step closer today when, the social music website, announced that it had record industry’s approval to start an unprecedented new streaming service.As part of the new service, any visitor to’s site will be able to stream tracks from any of the major record labels in their entirety, without paying, as and when they choose. After three streams – which allow someone to listen to a song, but not to download it onto a computer or music player – they can elect to buy the song from a retail site, such as iTunes. Has a First With Streaming Music
CBS has become the first company to create what is clearly the future of music online: a site where you can listen to any song you want free, supported by advertising. The company is doing that with the latest version of Last.FM, the online radio site it bought last year., music labels launch free music on-demand [Reuters], the social music network owned by CBS Corp, said on Wednesday it is introducing a free service for fans to listen to their favorite songs on-demand.

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