Landrush for Second Level .MX Domains Begins with “Dutch Auction”

NIC Mexico logoNic Mexico has commenced a unique method for the landrush period for registrations of .MX second level domain names. Beginning on September 1, the initial registration fee for domain names directly under .MX will start at USD $1,000.00 and will decrease in Dutch Auction style gradually until October 31 when the price could be as low as $35.

From November 1 on, the registration fee will be $50.00, as will be the fee for all second level registrations in each successive year, of course, pending any price changes in coming years.

Registration fees for .MX domain names at the third level (.COM.MX, .ORG.MX, .EDU.MX, .NET.MX, .GOB.MX) will remain the same.

It is possible to obtain better prices registering your domain through an accredited registrar.

NIC Mexico has also released the starting Landrush (Sep 1st 2009 – Oct 31, 2009) offering price for second level domain names.

America Registry logoTo register your .MX domain names, check out America Registry here.