Kremlin Critics Say Russian Cyberspace Alive With DoS Attacks

The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) has “reported the presence of politically motivated cyberattacks occurring in Russian cyberspace.” Sites such as Russia’s United Civil Front, run by former chess champ turned political activist Garry Kasporov, have been experiencing problems staying online, and hackers tried to break into the main site of the Center for Journalism in Extreme Situations, among others.Alan Paller, director of research for the SANS Institute, told InformationWeek there are at least 35,000 denial-of-service attacks every day. Palestinians and Israelis and the Chinese and Taiwanese have all previously fought by cyberchannels. Paller warns “not to jump to conclusions regarding who authorized and carried out the attacks, adding, ‘It’s not about governments, it’s about people who pretend to be speaking for governments.’ Marty Lindner, a senior member of US-CERT’s technical staff says, “These attacks work for one reason: The bad guy has more energy than the good guy.”;jsessionid=GF0LIPDV4HFBEQSNDLRSKHSCJUNN2JVN?articleID=200900283

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