Kiwis are still internet piracy cheats

Movie studios say internet piracy appears to have halved since the controversial “SkyNet” three-strikes copyright law came into effect in September but they are still unhappy.Music and movie industry bodies said piracy had since “plateaued” and they would need to send out many more infringement notices to internet users to make more progress. see:Internet piracy drops after ‘three strikes’ law
Internet piracy has reportedly halved since the three-strikes copyright law came into effect last year, movie studios say.However Kiwis still flout the anti-piracy legislation, with 41 percent of internet users accessing “copyright infringing services online” in February, Fairfax Media reported. ignore internet privacy law
Almost a year after internet copyright laws were passed, users continue to break anti-piracy rules with 40% of New Zealanders accessing illegal content online.Movie studios say the ‘three-strikes’ law has halved piracy overall but during February four in ten Kiwi’s accessed ‘copyright infringing services online’ despite a global average of 28%. strikes rule has ‘halved piracy’ in New Zealand
Internet piracy rates in New Zealand have halved since the introduction of the controversial “three strikes” rule, a record industry group has said.The rule allows fines of up to NZ$15,000 (£7,600) to be issued to illegal downloaders caught three times.The Recording Industry Association of New Zealand (Rianz) said 2,766 infringement letters had been sent out.But the group has called for the cost of sending letters to be cut.

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