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.KIWI Set To Be Fittest gTLD

.KIWI is setting out to be higher, faster and stronger than all other gTLDs with the gTLD operator, Dot Kiwi, announcing it is to sponsor the New Zealand Triathlon Series. The series will be called the .kiwi Tri Series and there will be six events throughout New Zealand during summer.”I am delighted that the sport of Triathlon has attracted such an innovative and pioneering product such as .kiwi,” said Tri NZ CEO Craig Waugh. “Triathlon began in NZ in 1984 and was driven by pioneering people who sought to push the boundaries from traditional sport. They were focused on trying something new and thus living on the edge.”Our sport is still unique and still evolving. Our ‘playground’ is the New Zealand landscape and the ‘players’ are the Kiwi families from 5 years of age through to the grandparents who are 80+. It is the family focus, the NZ landscape and sport for life focus that has attracted the interest of a like-minded pioneer in .kiwi and it is this partnership that will assist us in delivering on our goals and objectives over the next five years and beyond. This is a business relationship, not a sponsorship; one that I know will assist the future sustainability of the sport.”.kiwi is the first and only New Zealand-based generic top-level domain name approved by ICANN.The gTLD operator also released its premium names list that includes generic words and phrases that are easy to remember and people already search for online, such as and could be expected in the rugby-mad nation, and are both on the list. has already been sold for NZ$5,866.71 while can be yours for $1,200.It is expected most premium .kiwi domains will be bought by businesses because the name is memorable and matches popular online searches, meaning they can attract more online traffic more easily. However, we also know there will be some Kiwis who want to have a little fun and buy premium domain names for themselves.The value of a .kiwi premium name is determined using historical sales data, search engine popularity and traffic. The cost of premium names start at $500, with an annual renewal fee thereafter of approximately $40 a year. You can take a look at the premium names here –”Being Kiwi sets us aside on the world stage, as individuals, in business, and in sport, says Tim Johnson, Dot Kiwi CEO.”We’re proud to partner with Tri NZ to deliver the .kiwi Tri Series. Triathlon has many synergies with the cultural identifier that .kiwi offers, from the stunning New Zealand landscapes where the events take place, to the family involvement, and Kiwis making their mark both at home and on the global stage.”