Kim Dotcom: ‘I’m not a pirate, I’m an innovator’; Launches political party

The larger-than-life tycoon behind, in New Zealand facing US piracy charges, has made a dance album to distract himself from his woes. But how does he fit that in with playing Call of Duty all night?Rush hour has begun on a sunny Friday afternoon but Kim Dotcom, internet entrepreneur and bete noire of the entertainment industry, is asleep. He keeps strange hours – working, eating and gaming all night, sleeping most of the day.I’m not the only one waiting for him to wake in the shady outdoor dining area of the Dotcom mansion, a NZ$30m (£15m) pile half an hour’s drive north of Auckland. James Kimmer, Dotcom’s political adviser, whose other clients include the recently freed Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, is here to shoot a campaign ad for Dotcom’s new political party, which will contest the next New Zealand general election, almost certain to be held at some point this year. Kimmer has to wait until the boss is done promoting his debut EDM album Good Times first. see:Kim Dotcom’s party bids to become ‘kingmaker’
Kim Dotcom’s new political party will field candidates in the new Upper Harbour electorate and possibly in Auckland Central in a bid become the “kingmaker” following this year’s election, according to a strategy document leaked to blogger Cameron Slater.Published on his Whaleoil blog, Mr Slater said the paper was an internal strategy document written by left-wing blogger Martyn “Bomber” Bradbury. Dotcom to launch ‘Megaparty’ for New Zealand elections [AP]
Kim Dotcom has announced he is launching a political party in his adopted home of New Zealand to contest the country’s general election this year.The indicted internet entrepreneur says he is founding and funding the party, but will not be a candidate. Born Kim Schmitz in Germany, the 39-year-old is a New Zealand resident but not a citizen and cannot be a candidate under New Zealand law.

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