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Kickstart America with Neustar! by Morgan Linton

Start With DotUS logoIt has been my favorite ccTLD on the planet since 2007 and now I’m excited to sayNeustar is taking it to the next level and promoting .US in a new campaign aimed at small businesses. Kickstart America is all about Small Businesses and how they can build their brands on .US. For many Small Businesses shelling-out $10,000+ for a domain name just isn’t possible, think of the flower shop down the street from you or your local independent coffee shop.

I have always been a big fan of .US because I think it’s a great way to identify a business in the US or a site with information that is US-specific. There are plenty of brands that have already established a home on .US and with the Kickstart America campaign in full swing the TLD is back in the spotlight and in front of Small Business owners across the US. A new site, was launched yesterday as part of the campaign, the site gives Small Businesses the chance to learn more about .US, collaborate, and learn from other businesses that have build brands on the .US.

The new site looks great and I think this campaign will do a lot to really help get the .US TLD in front of so many small businesses that probably didn’t even know it existed. I’ve been waiting for something like this for years and look forward to following along, go .US and rock on Neustar, the new campaign looks great!

America Registry logoTo register your .US domain name, check out America Registry here.