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Keyword-Rich Domain Names Boost Search Click-Through Results

When choosing a domain name, it’s important to think carefully and choose a domain containing keywords relevant to your business.According to research conducted by Verisign, internet search users are almost twice as likely to click on a domain name where the second level includes at least one of the keywords in their search query, compared to a domain name that does not include any of the keywords in their search query.The research findings were announced in a posting on the Verisign blog and was conducted by Verisign researchers who analysed millions of search queries licensed from the cross-platform measurement company comScore.The researchers found that if, in an example given in the blog post, a user searched for: “How do I create a personal brand online?” he or she would be more inclined to click on a domain name such as than a domain name that does not contain any of the keywords included in the search.Verisign noted that the finding illustrates the importance of thinking like your target audience and asking: What might someone type into a browser or search bar to find my product or service? Incorporating those same keywords into your domain names may make the difference in ensuring people find and click through to your website.