Kerry calls to ‘tear down’ Internet censorship

Different countries’ control of the Internet is increasingly dividing the world into “two different visions” reminiscent of the Cold War, Secretary of State John Kerry warned on Monday.In remarks to a global Internet governance conference, Kerry said that barriers to Internet access and online freedom needed to be torn down, just like the Berlin Wall in 1989. see:Remarks to the Freedom Online Coalition Conference: Remarks by John Kerry, US Secretary of State
We’re on. We’re all set, guys. Our people were not sure whether you had me or not. But thank you. I heard everything, including all your very provocative questions. (Laughter.) And I appreciate the opportunity to talk to everybody.I – look, frankly, I wish I was able to be with all of you in Tallinn for the conference. And it’s not lost on any of us that Estonia has set the gold standard, really, the global gold standard in cyber security, in e-governance, and in technological innovation. In many ways, Estonia is defining the future for advances in management of the internet. And excitingly, there were more start-ups in Estonia per capita than in any other country in Europe. So to all of you who’ve been part of that, who’ve established a pioneering role in the Community of Democracies’ LEND Network, you’ve really shown how to use this online platform to support democratic transitions. And that’s true from Moldova to Tunisia and beyond. So I’m very grateful to be able to speak to a group of such committed partners. And I thank particularly President Ilves and Foreign Minister Paet for their leadership.

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