Keep Greedy Domainer Slime Off Nominet Board

Randy Bush has posted to the Nanog mailing list asking voting members of Nominet to help keep “the greedy domainer slime” off the Nominet Board of Directors reports Bret Fausett on his NameBrief blog.

Randy, a champion of the internet, especially in the developing world, is unhappy that three domainers are standing for the board of Nominet with a pledge to lower the .uk registration fees and hence help run down the piles of cash Nominet wishes to keep “for educational or research initiatives.”

As Bret says, there is good and bad in this and there is greed on both sides. As Bret notes, the sitting Nominet board wants to in effect tax registrants for amounts Nominet knows to be in excess of what it costs to run the registry and redistribute to help advance the internet, while domainers believe individual registrants should decide what to do with the excess funds.

Bret’s posting is available on his NameBrief website at