Judge gives instructions to Apple-Samsung jury before closing arguments

After three weeks of arguments, the jury in the high-stakes patent dispute between Apple and Samsung has finally been given its instructions on what, exactly, jurors should be deciding in the high-stakes case.A ruling for Apple could ban imports of certain Samsung products and force the Korean company to change its designs or pay licensing fees to the Cupertino, Calif.-based firm. A ruling for Samsung, on the other hand, could damage Apple’s reputation as an innovator and lead to more iPhone look-alike designs.To continue reading this Washington Post report, go to:
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Closing arguments have been delivered in the US patent trial between the two biggest smartphone-makers in the world, Samsung and Apple.Apple lawyers accused South Korea-based Samsung of copying Apple designs after realising it could not compete.Samsung lawyers retorted saying a win for Apple would mean less choice for consumers.The jury in the trial, which is in its fourth week, starts deliberation on Wednesday.
www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19340229Apple-Samsung patent jury face a daunting task
The nine-strong jury in the high-profile patent trial between Apple and Samsung faces the daunting task of ploughing through 109 pages of instructions on how to determine their verdict and a 20-page form in which to give it.Closing arguments were made on Tuesday in the trial, in which Apple is claiming $2.5bn (£1.6bn) damages from South Korea’s Samsung, which it says has copied essential cosmetic elements – the “trade dress” – as well as some of the functionality of its iPhone and iPad.

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