.JP Domain Names Pass 1.5 Million

Japan Registry Services announced the number of .jp domain name registrations as of 1 February passed the 1.5 million mark.

To get to this point, JPRS notes they have improved their services and driven promotional activities. However, the figure couldn’t have been achieved without the tremendous support of their registrants, accredited business partners and the global and local Internet community.

Of the 1,500,136 registrations, 1,014,301 are the General-use JP domain names (e.g. EXAMPLE.JP), which exceeded 1 million registrations as of September 1, 2017. 473,903 are the Organizational/Geographic Type JP domain names (e.g. EXAMPLE.CO.JP), 11,932 are the Prefecture Type JP domain names (e.g. EXAMPLE.TOKYO.JP, EXAMPLE.北海道.JP).