Jordan’s ccTLD Halves Registration Fees

The Jordan National Information Technology Center has announced it halved the registration fees for .jo domain names on 1 July.

The Jordanian ccTLD is one of the smaller ones with 4,809 domain name registrations as of 20 July, almost half (2,225) at the second level and almost one third (1,546) under


The new fees will see .jo domain names now available for registration for $71, and given the original fee was double this it’s not hard to see why, in part, registration numbers were so low. Registrations in third level domains are lower.

Eligibility for .jo domain names is explained below.

Top-Level Domain Who is Entitled? Commercial entities (companies, franchises, restaurants, ISPs, hospitals) Networks (ISPs, medical networks) Not-for-Profit Organizations and NGOs Jordanian government entities (ministries, government offices) Jordanian military entities (armed forces, public security directorate, air force, civil defense bureau, intelligence services) Jordanian educational institutes – both public and private – such as universities, colleagues, schools, training centers… Jordanian schools, both public and private Jordanian citizens and alien residents residing in Jordan Jordanian Ph.D. holders and visiting professors
.jo All of the above mentioned entities except Jordanian citizens, alien residents residing in Jordan, Jordanian Ph.D. holders, and visiting professors