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It seems a rule of thumb in this day and age is when you have your 15 minutes of fame, make sure you have the relevant domain name registered. This would have been a great idea for “Joe the Plumber” (aka Joe Wurzelbacher) who now quite infamously questioned Barack Obama on the campaign trail about his tax policies this week and subsequently mentioned more than 20 times in the latest presidential debate.Following being thrust into the limelight, and conceding he is more likely to vote for John McCain, his name and moniker have become the hot searched for item online. According to Yahoo! Buzz he is currently the second most searched for item, beaten by Tea Leoni. Fourth is “presidential debate”. Ninth is “Barack Obama”.And the domain name. This is owned by a Joe Francis of Amarillo, Texas, who has been swamped by calls with widely varying reports as to offers to buy the domain name. The Guardian reports there have been “more than 600 phone calls from people expressing interest in his website” with one man offering him $350,000 (£200,000) to buy the domain name ‘He sounded pretty serious,’ an employee told the Guardian. While The Dallas Morning News reports there has been an offer of $800,000. The News reported Francis’ office manager had fielded most of the calls, including 1,000 curious phone calls and more than 100,000 emails – before noon.I would say he better act quick before the attention dies down.

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