Japan tops world broadband study

Only Japan has the broadband quality to cope with next-generation internet applications, a new study has revealed.Sweden and the Netherlands have Europe’s best broadband, according to the 42-nation study sponsored by internet equipment maker Cisco Systems.To read this BBC article in full, see news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7610534.stm.Countries Lagging Behind in Supplying Speedy Broadband [IDG]
Broadband speeds in the U.K., Italy and Spain and many other countries are barely keeping pace with the demands of Web-based applications and video services, whose bandwidth needs are expected to only rise, according to a new survey.The survey, sponsored by Cisco Systems, focused on the broadband speeds that users averaged in 42 countries rather than just broadband penetration, the often-used figure for measuring the maturity of a country’s Internet infrastructure.
http://www.networkworld.com/news/2008/091208-countries-lagging-behind-in-supplying.htmlJapan, Sweden, Netherlands seen leading in broadband
Sweden and The Netherlands have the best performing broadband Internet connections in Europe, helped by investments in high-speed fibre-optic links and upgrades to cable TV networks, a study found.Japan was the global leader by a large margin in the study, released on Friday, carried out by the Universities of Oxford and Oviedo and sponsored by network gear maker Cisco Systems.

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