Jakob Nielsen critiques the iPad’s usability failings

Usability guru Jakob Nielsen has just published a report on the iPad, and thinks Apple should allow more diversity on its platforms – including the option for Adobe FlashApple’s iPad has usability problems, and shows an “overemphasis on aesthetics”, according to usability guru Dr Jakob Nielsen, who has just published a free 93-page report on iPad usability. He was in London last month where his company, Nielsen Norman Group, was holding a usability conference. Since he had an iPad in his hotel room, I asked him how well it had turned out.”In some ways, less well than I expected,” he said. “There were really a lot of usability problems in this first-generation of iPad applications. It’s often quite difficult for people to discover what they have to do because the options are not very visible. I have to say of both the device itself and the content, it’s very attractive, which is good. But at the same time, overemphasising the attractiveness and hiding the functionality, that does cause problems.”

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