ITU Digital Opportunity in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Americas

Digital Opportunity in Europe, 2005/2006
Europe puts in a solid performance in the latest analysis of digital opportunity by the ITU. Although Europe loses out on the first two places in digital opportunity to the broadband kings of Asia (the Rep. of Korea and Japan), five out of the top ten countries are European. Denmark ranks at Number three and, alongside Japan, is a top contender for first place next year, if its current growth rates in broadband subscribers (fixed and mobile) continue. Opportunity in Asia-Pacific
Asia-Pacific continues to lead the world in digital opportunity, home to five of the top ten countries in digital opportunity. The Republic of Korea ranks first in digital opportunity with a DOI score of 0.80, but its lead is being fast eroded by Japan’s strong gains in mobile broadband subscribership, which boosted its DOI score to 0.77. If current growth rates continue, Japan could overtake the Republic of Korea as early as next year. opportunity in the Americas, 2005/2006
The ITU has published its latest evaluation of digital opportunity for the Americas. In line with the concerns of the US Federal Communications Commission over the United States’ lacklustre performance in fixed broadband – in 2006, the US FCC Commissioner Michael J. Copps noted that the United States came twenty-first in the ITU’s DOI 2005 – Canada continues to lead the Americas in digital opportunity, although its lead over the United States has narrowed considerably from 0.03 in the DOI 2005 to 0.01 in 2006. This is due to strong gains by the United States in mobile penetration (which rose from 61 mobile subscribers per 100 capita to 70 per 100 capita in 2005) and an increase in broadband subscribers over the same period of over 12 million. opportunity in Africa
ITU has published its latest evalution of digital opportunity across the continent of Africa. The Digital Opportunity Index assesses countries on eleven different indicators, organised into three clusters of Opportunity, Infrastructure and Utilization. Measurements of digital opportunity for Africa show that, whereas last year, only three countries had a DOI score in excess of 0.40 (Mauritius, Seychelles and Morocco), in 2006, seven countries had DOI scores greater than 0.40 (in addition to these three, Algeria, Egypt, South Africa and Tunisia joined them with a DOI score of above 0.40).

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