It’s Too Darn Hot: The huge cost of powering-and cooling-data centers has the tech industry scrambling for energy efficiency

A 35-minute drive south of Iceland’s capital of Reykjavik lies the tiny fishing village of Grindavik. One January day, Kristinn Haflioason steers his car a few minutes out of town to a vast, snow-swept expanse of volcanic rock that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. He climbs out and launches into an unlikely sales pitch that he hopes will persuade corporations from the U.S. and Europe to locate operations there. “Dozens of companies have expressed interest,” he says.This is no joke. Haflioason works for Invest in Iceland, a government agency. He’s pitching the desolate spot outside of Grindavik as a site for data centers, the sprawling facilities chock-full of computers that tech companies build to handle the swelling oceans of digital information.

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