It started with a click

From online personals for ‘friends with benefits’ to illicit blogs and even an electronic ‘poke’ … the digital age has created a technosexual generation hooked on no-strings casual sex. Hephzibah Anderson meets the people who aren’t looking for love… ‘There are an awful lot of walls between us. Most of us need a bit of help,’ says BT futurologist, Ian Pearson. He forecasts that in the next 10 or 15 years, urban positioning technologies will have enhanced messaging services to the extent that you’ll be able to text the attractive stranger at the bar simply by pointing your phone at them. His other predictions include ‘ego badges’, jewellery-like devices on to which you’ll be able to upload key data about yourself – your likes, dislikes, desires, effectively your personality. The badge will then transmit that information directly to passers-by, swapping it for theirs and processing it all within moments in order to alert you to that perfect partner whom you might otherwise have missed…. According to futurologist Ian Pearson, research shows the average teenager now communicates on five or six platforms and has literally hundreds of instant messaging ‘friends’.,,2101234,00.html

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