IT Breaks Free: Technology is bursting out from the shackles of its desk-bound past. It has the power to disrupt business like never before

You might expect a Nokia executive to tell us the mobile industry will change the world. But Rich Green, chief technology officer at Nokia, makes a compelling case. “If you can change Egypt with 140 characters written on a four inch screen,” he says, “what can you do with a PC substitute in one out of every four hands?” The revolution in mobile technology is just one form of disruption that will change profoundly the way the world does business in the future. But in all its varying guises, disruption was the number one rated topic by the Tech Leader Group.”There are so many types of disruption that often you only realize it’s ongoing or occurred in the rear view mirror,” Mr. Green says. “We are on the verge of an accelerating series of discontinuities.” In the case of mobile technology, he believes it will ultimately prove disruptive enough to re-invent not just business, but the world as we know it.To read this Wall Street Journal report in full, see:

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