Israeli Registry To Stop Registrar Services In November

The registry for .il domain names, ISOC-IL, is to cease its registrar services on 1 November.

Israeli Internet Association - ISOC-IL - logoThe Israeli registry will cease domain name registration and administration of domain names currently under its direct management to its accredited registrars. ISOC-IL will focus on its role of managing and leading the IT infrastructure and database required for managing Israeli domain names registry.

The purpose of this step is to enhance the execution of the domain name registration by ISOC-IL accredited registrars, who are private entities operating in a competitive and free market. This is a direct and natural continuation to the significant step undertaken by ISOC-IL a decade ago – adjusting the domain name registration model to the one applied by many registries in the world. In this model, the domain name registry (the Registry) manages and leads the IT infrastructure and database needed to manage domain names at the top level (such as IL), while the process of registration and administration of domain names vis-a-via the holders of such names is performed by registrars, authorized by the registry and acting under his supervision.

The Israel Internet Association – ISOC-IL (RA) – has managed the registry of domain names since the dawn of general public use of the Internet in the 90’s. Until 2007, the Registry has served as the sole registrar and registry managing body. From that date, ISOC-IL commenced accreditation of other bodies to serve as secondary registrars. To date, ISOC-IL has authorized ten registrars who have been acting in parallel with the Registry.

The new policy turns the Registry into an entity focused solely on management and supervision, thus actually making another adjustment of the model in Israel to the most advanced models used by many registers worldwide in which the domain names with country suffixes (ccTLD) are managed by non-profit neutral entities such as ISOC-IL. This model provides the end-user with competitive service and price. At this stage, the new model will not apply to domain names that are not subject to the Association’s current registration rules, set forth on December 31, 1998.

According to ISOC-IL CEO, Adv. Yoram Hacohen “the purpose of this important step is to continue focusing the activities of ISOC-IL as the main third sector body in Israel on Internet and digital life issues. With regards to the domain name registration system, we will focus on supervising the registrars’ activity, both in terms of service provided to the end customer and the level of security required for this activity. I hope that ISOC-IL ceasing activity as a registrar will be an incentive for the registrars to offer a rich variety of services related to the management of domain names. ISOC-IL retains the possibility of reassuming its activity as a registrar, if so required in case there are malfunctions in the market”.